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Футбол Победитель 1 X 2. Тотал Меньше Тотал Больше. Накуматт АФК Леопардс 0 0. Основное время. Таскер Зуу Керичо 1 0. Чэн Фун Полисиа ди Сегуранса Публика 1 0. Высшая лига. Динамо Минск д Ислочь д 0 0. Днепр Могилев д Гомель д.

Заключение пари на это событие временно недоступно. Дивизион А. Паро Юнайтед Пхунчолинг 1 1. Бамбутос Мбуда Женесс Обала 0 0. Фову де Бахам Фаве Азур де Яунде 0 0.

Эдинг Спорт Исмако 0 0. Китайский Тайбэй. Тайвань Пауэр Компани Конак Беледийеспор 0 1. Показать ещё 2. Хоккей Победитель 1 X 2. Лига Про. Синие Тигры Калининский Фронт 1 2. Теннис Победитель 1 X 2. Турниры Большого Шлема. Ролан Гаррос. Уотсон Х. Грамматикопулу В. Весь матч. Бабош Т.

Как это сделать?

Тревизан Мар. Марино Р. Рыбакина Е.

According to Vladislav Tretiak, the victory of the national team in the Olympic Games in united the country and gave a new impetus to the development of hockey. We thank our partners for their attention to hockey, for the desire to convey to people the names of athletes who glorify our country and are heroes for the Russians.

Commenting on the cooperation with tLiga Stavok, Vladislav Tretyak stressed that it is developing very successfully: Liga Stavok is one of our main partners, a very reliable and responsible partner, a company with high social responsibility.

It is pleasant that in Liga Stavok they respect and support all our undertakings with great respect, in particular, in such an important area for us as the development of the National Hockey Players Training Program.

In Januaryhe production center of the Dynamo Sports Club chose BC Liga Stavok as a strategic partner in the promotion of social programs aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and promoting the development of sports in Russia. The essence of the partnership is the development of joint concepts in the field of education and physical education. An important area of cooperation was participation in organizing and holding sports, entertainment and leisure activities, including charitable ones.

Inthe company implemented a pilot project to open points for receiving bets of the National Equestrian Sports betting on the basis of its bookmaker clubs. For the first time in Russia, racing and racing fans have the opportunity to make bets on equestrian events outside the hippodrome. He put thousand rubles for 12 matches and won each of them. A well-known journalist and sports expert топ русских букмекерских with the company - presenter of Channel One Yevgeny Savin.

BC "Liga Stavok" implements social and charitable projects in the field of sports of the Russian Federation.

The Foundation is engaged in targeted support of talented children and young people in the field of sports; popularization of youth sport, strengthening the organizational and methodological foundations of physical culture among children and young people; creates the necessary conditions for achieving high results in competitions, tournaments, championships. The Foundation establishes personal grants for young athletes, and also directs funds from charitable events in favor of outside organizations.

So, the prize from the Strawberry Fields Cup for FIFA 18 went in favor of the social rehabilitation center for minors in the city of Rzhev for the construction of a sports ground.

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Under the leadership of Yuri Krasovsky, ina project was launched for the construction of ice hockey boxes throughout Russia. The first of these appeared in January in the settlement of Main, Ulyanovsk Region. Oleg Shuenkov awarded Yury Krasovsky with a letter of thanks for the implementation of projects aimed at raising and improving the younger generation.

As of Januarythe company was represented by clubs in Russian cities with about 3, employees.

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